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Commercial Insurance

“Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you ; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” – Theodore Roosevelt

The FladGroup risk management partners help eliminate and manage business risk with proven identification, assessment, planning, implementation, and review practices and tools.

Whether your business is global or local, you face the same risks – human, environmental, physical, legal and political. Business risks must be identified and evaluated, and prevention plans must be put in place and integrated throughout your entire organization.

We can do this for you!

Risk identification and assessment
The FladGroup will uncover and evaluate areas of risk in your organization and develop a plan for eliminating, minimizing and controlling unfavorable risk, and leveraging favorable risk.

Risk techniques
Our proven risk strategies and methodologies provide an actionable roadmap for foreseeing and managing threats to your organization and exploiting opportunities, thus favorably impacting your top and bottom line.

Risk knowledge
We implement a top-down and bottom-up communication’s plan that influences everyone in the organization to embrace your business’ risk program

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Personal Insurance

Your hard work ensured your success. The FladGroup knows how important your possessions are and we’ll make sure they’re properly covered.

We provide personal service – you will know who we are – and that we’ve extensively shopped the market of our A+ carriers to ensure you have comprehensive and affordable coverage. Whether you need to insure your home or car, boat or Jet Ski, summer home or jewelry – the FladGroup can help

Why FladGroup?

  • Independent broker with access to multiple A+ rated carriers
  • Trusted guidance to help you select insurance that best meets your needs
  • Affordable coverage for home, autos, townhome/condo, rental property, vacation home
  • Protection with flood and wind coverage
  • Coverage for personal possessions, jewelry and other high-valued items
  • Multiple discounts available
  • Accessible – we don’t turn off the lights at 5:00 pm
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2500 East TC Jester Blvd. Suite 100 Houston, TX 77008